Building a More Sustainable Business School


Dr. Sanjay Sharma, of the University of Vermont, discusses the ways a Dean can provide support for sustainability research and initiatives in the article, “Pathways of Influence for Sustainability in Business Schools: A Dean’s Eye View,” recently published in Organization & Environment. Read the abstract below:

While faculty members are champions and implementers of change in business schools, deans play a critical role in generating support and resources for fostering sustainable curriculums. The pathways of change can be outside-in by connecting the agendas and visions of external stakeholders to support internal change or inside-out by selling the faculty’s vision to external stakeholders to generate resources. This essay draws loae coveressons from the outside-in and inside-in pathways for developing sustainable curriculums and programs in two very different business schools in Canada and the United States.

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One Response to “Building a More Sustainable Business School”

  1. John Says:

    Now a days, sustainable business has become a talk of the time in educational institutes. Many institutes like to teach their student about green business. So education in sustainable business is very much effective now.

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