JSR Award Winners!


We’re so excited to congratulate Dr. Cheryl Burke Jarvis at SouJSR coverthern Illinois University for being awarded the Journal of Service Research’s Best Reviewer award!

We’re also pleased to congratulate Dr. Merlyn A. Griffiths with the University of North Carolina, Greensboro and Dr. Mary C. Gilly with the University of California, Irvine for receiving the Journal of Service Research’s Best Article Award for their paper “Dibs! Consumer Territorial Behavior.”  The paper’s abstract:

“Third Place” servicescapes are often created to reflect home-like characteristics, expecting customers to relax, mingle, and consume their purchases. Yet, customers coopt the space, often using it as an extension of workplaces or homes. In pursuit of undistracted privacy, customers engage in territorial behaviors that communicate to other customers that intrusion is not welcome. While place attachment by loyal customers is positive for service providers, territorial behavior can have negative implications for some service establishments. In a multi-method investigation of consumer territorial behavior within the context of cafés, the authors find that purchase or even use of an item with the café logo is believed by many to give customers territorial rights, decreasing turnover, and discouraging other customers who want to sit and consume café products. Employees are faced with mediating territorial disputes. Understanding and dealing with consumer territorial behavior will lead to better servicescape design, less inter-customer conflict, and smoother organizational processes.

Our congratulations to the winners! You can also see JSR’s best papers from previous years here.

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2 Responses to “JSR Award Winners!”

  1. Dianne Welsh Says:

    Great article and a must read for all disciplines. Dianne Welsh

  2. Holly Buttner Says:

    Very informative article with org. behavior as well as marketing implications. Holly Buttner

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