Examination of Strategic Leadership

Strategic leadership styles and their need for further empirical research is compellingly discussed in the newlyjlaw cover published article in Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies, “Strategic Leadership: Values, Styles, and Organizational Performance” by Dr. Suzanne M. Carter  and Dr. Charles R. Greer both at Texas Christian University.

Read the abstract:

Strategic leaders are being challenged by stakeholder demands that organizations meet triple bottom line performance measures. Nonetheless, there is a paucity of empirical research on how strategic leaders’ values and leadership styles are related to such measures. We describe values and established and evolving leadership styles and review the results of empirical studies investigating their relationship with organizational performance. Gaps in our knowledge of such relationships are identified and suggestions for future research are provided. A continuum of leadership styles, from transactional through responsible, is developed using the dimensions of stakeholder salience and economic, social, and environmental performance outcomes.

Read the entire article online in Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies, and sign up for e-alerts here so you don’t miss out on JABS’ latest articles and issues.

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