Top Five: Administrative Science Quarterly


asqAre you looking for cutting-edge, peer-reviewed research on organizational studies? Take a look at the top five articles currently being read in Administrative Science Quarterly. ASQ seeks to advance the understanding of management, organizations, and organizing in a wide variety of contexts, including teams, business and nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and markets. These papers are free to access through September 19 using the links below:

Isin Guler, Mauro F. Guillén, and John Muir Macpherson
Global Competition, Institutions, and the Diffusion of Organizational Practices: The International Spread of ISO 9000 Quality Certificates
June 2002

M. K. Chin, Donald C. Hambrick, and Linda K. Treviño
Political Ideologies of CEOs: The Influence of Executives’ Values on Corporate Social Responsibility
June 2013

Sarah Harvey and Chia-Yu Kou
Collective Engagement in Creative Tasks: The Role of Evaluation in the Creative Process in Groups
September 2013

Daniel M. Cable, Francesca Gino, and Bradley R. Staats
Breaking Them in or Eliciting Their Best? Reframing Socialization around Newcomers’ Authentic Self-expression
March 2013

Wolf-Christian Gerstner, Andreas König, Albrecht Enders, and Donald C. Hambrick
CEO Narcissism, Audience Engagement, and Organizational Adoption of Technological Discontinuities
June 2013

Administrative Science Quarterly, owned and managed by the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University, is a top-ranked, quarterly, peer-reviewed journal that publishes the best theoretical and empirical papers on organizational studies from dissertations and the evolving, new work of more established scholars, as well as interdisciplinary work in organizational theory, and informative book reviews. Browse the latest issue here, and sign up for e-alerts so you don’t miss out on future issues and articles published in OnlineFirst.

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