Journal of Management Scholarly Impact Winners


We are pleased to highlight the 2013 Journal of Management Best Paper and Scholarly Impact Award winners!

The Scholarly Impact Award, given annually, recognizes works that leave a lasting impact on the academic community and beyond. This year’s awards were presented at the Academy of Management annual meeting in Orlando, Florida.

Our congratulations to the following winners:

jomScholarly Impact Award
Qin Yang, Ram Mudambi, and Klaus E. Meyer
Conventional and Reverse Knowledge Flows in Multinational Corporations, October 2008

Scholarly Impact Award and Best Paper Award
Blake E. Ashforth, Spencer H. Harrison, and Kevin G. Corley
Identification in Organizations: An Examination of Four Fundamental Questions, June 2008

Scholarly Impact Award
Sebastian Raisch and Julian Birkinshaw
Organizational Ambidexterity: Antecedents, Outcomes, and Moderators, June 2008

Scholarly Impact Award
John Mathieu, M. Travis Maynard, Tammy Rapp, and Lucy Gilson
Team Effectiveness 1997-2007: A Review of Recent Advancements and a Glimpse Into the Future, June 2008

Scholarly Impact Award
Fred O. Walumbwa, Bruce J. Avolio, William L. Gardner, Tara S. Wernsing, and Suzanne J. Peterson
Authentic Leadership: Development and Validation of a Theory-Based Measure, February 2008

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