Free Access to Key Articles from SAGE Journals


SAGE publishes more than 80 peer-reviewed journals in Management and Organization and related fields, many of which are ranked in the Thomson Reuters Journal Citation Reports®. To celebrate the release of the 2012 impact factor and ranking results, we invite you to read these recent, top-read articles from SAGE journals:

BAS_v50_72ppiRGB_150pixWAn Exploratory Analysis of Corporate Social Responsibility and Disclosure, by Cedric E. Dawkins and John W. Fraas

Published in Business & Society, June 2013

Impact Factor: 1.936 | Ranking: 31/116 in Business

fbrIs Nepotism Good or Bad? Types of Nepotism and Implications for Knowledge Management, by Peter Jaskiewicz, Klaus Uhlenbruck, David B. Balkin, and Trish Reay

Published in Family Business Review, June 2013

Impact Factor: 2.622 | Ranking: 19/116 in Business

GOM_72ppiRGB_150pixwTop Management Team Diversity: A Systematic Review, by Fabian Homberg and Hong T. M. Bui

Published in Group & Organization Management, August 2013

Impact Factor: 2.957 | Ranking: 6/72 in Psychology, Applied | 29/172 in Management

JABS_72ppiRGB_powerpointMaking Change Happen: The Impact of Work Context on Adaptive and Proactive Behaviors, by Brenda E. Ghitulescu

Published in The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, June 2013

Impact Factor: 1.081 | Ranking: 45/72 in Psychology, Applied | 99/172 in Management

ormConstructs in Strategic Management, by Brian K. Boyd, Donald D. Bergh, R. Duane Ireland, and David J. Ketchen, Jr.

Published in Organizational Research Methods, January 2013

Impact Factor: 3.926 | Ranking: 3/72 in Psychology, Applied | 11/172 in Management

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