The Internationalization of Family Firms

When and how do family businesses internationalize? The question has been percolating for years among international management, entrepreneurship, and family business academics, practitioners, and policy makers. Thilo J. Pukall and Andrea Calabrò, both of Witten/Herdecke University in Witten, Germany, provide an updated and complete assessment with “The Internationalization of Family Firms: A Critical Review and Integrative Model,” forthcoming in Family Business Review and now available in the journal’s OnlineFirst section:
FBR_72ppiRGB_150pixWThis article systematically reviews and critically examines 72 journal articles published (from 1980 to 2012) on the internationalization of family firms. Stemming from existing literature, core aspects and main gaps are identified. We aim to overcome the inconclusiveness of findings of previous research by offering an integrative theoretical model integrating the concept of socioemotional wealth with the revised Uppsala model. Our framework helps understand behaviors of internationalizing family firms by focusing on when and how they internationalize, especially related to risk attitudes, the role of knowledge and networks. Ultimately, we provide future research themes flowing from our suggested model.
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