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ppmLooking for articles on important topics in human resources? The Public Personnel Management Editor’s Choice Collections cover organizational commitment, employee benefits, turnover, diversity, and much more. Click here to see them all, or read on for highlights from the diversity collection:

PPM_72ppiRGB_150pixWSalomon A. Guajardo of the City University of New York writes in his article, “Workforce Diversity: An Application of Diversity and Integration Indices to Small Agencies“:

Over the past 40 years, the research on workforce diversity has increased significantly. Despite this increased research, little attention has been given to the application of diversity and integration indices to departments with small workforces. Even less attention has been given to inferences that are made based on the diversity or integration scores that are obtained from the application of diversity indices. These issues are important because human resources managers and administrators are likely to modify or implement diversity policies or initiatives based on the diversity scores they obtain. This article applies three diversity indices to departments with small workforces and evaluates how data aggregation affects diversity scores and the inferences made based on those scores.

And in their paper “Diversity Management: Development, Practices, and Perceptions among State and Local Government Agencies,” Heather Wyatt-Nichol of the University of Baltimore and Kwame Badu Antwi-Boasiako of Stephen F. Austin State University write:

In addition to normative claims and theoretical arguments that support diversity management, a recent study by Pitts provides empirical evidence linking diversity management to organizational performance. Using data from the 2006 Federal Human Capital Survey he found that positive perceptions of work group performance were more prevalent among whites than minorities. An examination of gender differences also revealed that women were more likely to have positive perceptions of group performance. Of greater significance is evidence of a positive relationship between diversity management, job satisfaction, and organizational performance.

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