Putting a Face on Bullying in the Workplace


“The Bully Effect” premiers Thursday, Feb. 28
at 10 p.m. ET on cnn.com

In recent years, research and documentaries have brought the issue of bullying to the forefront of the American conscience by illustrating the heartbreaking impact that it can have in schools and in the workplace. As a result, a national movement has taken off, forcing children, parents, teachers and those in the workplace to examine this cruel and dangerous practice and find ways to put a stop to it. Recently published scholarly articles show that researchers too are examining what’s behind bullying and offering illuminating insights that provide avenues for future research, practical helps for intervention, and potential implications for policy.

How to address bullying is an issue that is incredibly pertinent to our modern-day society. With today’s  premier of “The Bully Effect,” a new documentary illustrating the effects of bullying and the “life-changing journeys” that families go through when dealing with these issues,  it is clear that bullying is an issue that we as a society need to better understand in order to help those who are affected.


Click to read the latest
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In order to support the dissemination of this important research, SAGE is offering the following journal articles on workplace bullying free for a limited time:

For a more complete listing of SAGE offerings on bullying, please click here.

3 thoughts on “Putting a Face on Bullying in the Workplace

  1. This is a great post! I will definitely be checking out those books. I have recently also posted about bullying at work, as it is such a taboo subject, awareness needs to be raised. It would be great if you could have a read and join the discussion.(Does bullying still even happen when you’re an adult?) http://wp.me/p2FXcc-46


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