Greek Crisis: How Social Marketing Can Help

Editor’s note: We are pleased to welcome Dr. Periklis Polyzoidis of the Democritus University of Thrace in Komotini, Greece, whose article “Social Marketing in Greece: Time to Wake Up!was published in the Social Marketing Quarterly March 2013 issue.

Greece is facing an enormous economic and social crisis. The expansion of social problems has made the use of social marketing imperative. The fact that, with very few exceptions, the term social marketing has not been adopted by the home_coverGreek scientific community was very  disappointing.

On a practical level, social marketing has a presence in Greece but has not developed to its full capacity. It seems that there are many possibilities for the further development of social marketing in Greece. Some scientists and practitioners believe that it will blossom very soon – we hope that they are right.


Read the article in the latest issue of Social Marketing Quarterly.

fotoperiklis1Dr Periklis Polyzoidis is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Social Policy and Administration at Democritus University of Thrace, Greece, where he completed his PhD thesis on the role of nongovernmental organizations that are active in the field of social care, under the supervision of Professor Maria Petmesidou. He studied business administration at the Department of Economic Sciences, School of Law and Economic Sciences, Aristoteles University of Thessaloniki and economics at the Justus Liebig University of Giessen, Germany. His areas of research are in the filed of non governmental organizations, voluntarism, social quality and social marketing.

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