The Key to Attracting Great Employees? Fun!


If you want to recruit the best and the brightest employees, it’s time to look beyond benefits and vertical advancement—you might just need to offer more fun in the workplace, according to findings in the   Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies (JLOS).

Michael J. Tews of The Pennsylvania State University, John W. Michel of Towson University, and Albert Bartlett of The Pennsylvania State University published “The Fundamental Role of Workplace Fun in Applicant Attraction” in the February 2012 issue of JLOS. Click here to view the Table of Contents.

Emphasizing that “fun may be particularly relevant during difficult economic times such as these,” the study looked at different types of fun workplace activities, both formal and informal, and found:

…Specifically, this research examined the impact of workplace fun relative to other key predictors of applicant attraction…. With a sample of collegiate job seekers, the results demonstrated that workplace fun was a stronger predictor of applicant attraction than compensation and opportunities for advancement.

Read the full article here. To learn more about the Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies, follow this link.

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