Is Green the New Black?

Today, in honor of Earth Day 2012, over a billion people worldwide will take action to increase appreciation and awareness of the environmental movement. Since the 1970 launch of Earth Day, which helped spur landmark environmental legislation in the U.S., the movement has gone global, creating new opportunities and challenges in the business and management world—indeed making green the new black.

To bring the issues into focus, today’s post offers a colorful assortment of articles on topics ranging from green marketing and consumerism to a study of collective identity in an urban “ecovillage”; a study of attitudes on sustainable tourism; and a “greenprint” offering eight ideas for engaging organizations in environmental change.

Finally, we highlight an analysis of the impact and legacy of the historic 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro and what it means for global environmental governance, with an eye toward this year’s upcoming Rio+20.

We hope you enjoy this special Earth Day collection!

Andrea Prothero,University College Dublin; Pierre McDonagh, Dublin City University; and Susan Dobscha, Bentley University
Is Green the New Black? Reflections on a Green Commodity Discourse
Journal of Macromarketing (June 2010)

Christina Ergas, University of Oregon
A Model of Sustainable Living: Collective Identity in an Urban Ecovillage
Organization & Environment (March 2010)

Chia-Pin (Simon) Yu, H. Charles Chancellor, and Shu Tian Cole, all of Indiana University Bloomington
Measuring Residents’ Attitudes toward Sustainable Tourism: A Reexamination of the Sustainable Tourism Attitude Scale
Journal of Travel Research (January 2011)

David McGuire, Queen Margaret University
Engaging Organizations in Environmental Change: A Greenprint for Action
Advances in Developing Human Resources (October 2010)

Liliana B. Andonova, Graduate Institute (IHEID); Matthew J. Hoffmann, University of Toronto
From Rio to Rio and Beyond: Innovation in Global Environmental Governance
The Journal of Environment Development (March 2012)
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