New Compensation and Benefits Review Issue available


The September/October 2011 issue of Compensation & Benefits Review (CBR) is now available online. To view the Table of Contents, please click here.

Howard Risher, Pay and Performance Consultant, published “Getting Performance Management on Track” in this new issue.

The abstract:

Performance management practices have been the source of dissatisfaction and criticism for decades. New approaches and the adoption of technology have failed to quiet the critics. Despite the problems, the management of employee performance remains one of the basic responsibilities of managers and supervisors. Research by Gallup and others has highlighted the importance of managers in creating high-performance work groups. Edward Lawler summarized the ingredients for effective practices in his book Talent. More recent developments augment his conclusions. Performance management can be a valuable tool when systems are properly designed and implemented. The key is providing adequate preparation and support for managers.

To view other articles in this issue, please follow this link.

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    […] an HR problem at all; it is a management problem. So says Howard Risher, in a terrific new article Getting Performance Management on Track (from Compensation and Performance […]

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